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Bottled Rowdy Orc APA This Weekend

Broke during bottling

Saturday afternoon I bottled my Rowdy Orc APA . When I was transferring to the bottling bucket the hop smell was incredible. I used White Labs WLP001 California Yeast on this batch. The final gravity went all the way down to 1.010, the APV is 6.8%. This was much higher than expected, this is not a session beer. The bottles were all filled and sitting on the counter. I sanitized the capper and started with the first bottle I filled. All was going well and then I heard this sandy crunch noise. I looked at the bottle and glass was flaking off the side where the capper grabs to hold the bottle. With slight pressure the top of the bottle fell off. The next bottle did the same thing?! Did I just get some super-hero powers? No, I think I was pressing too hard on the bottle capper. The rest of them went well. This was the first time a bottle broke for me and hopefully the last.

Now I just have to wait for three weeks while they all bottle condition. Cheers!

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