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Getting the site up and running

Testing this new site out so here we go:

  • When Chuck Norris drinks beer, the beer doesn’t get him drunk. The beer gets Chuck-Norrised.
  • If you have 5 beers and Chuck Norris has 5 beers, Chuck Norris has more beer than you.
  • Chuck Norris can open a bottle by looking at it.
  • When Chuck Norris pours a bottle conditioned beer into a glass, the yeast stays in the bottle out of fear.
  • In the Bible, Jesus turned water into wine. But then Chuck Norris turned that wine into beer.

The last time I used WordPress it didn’t have so many bells and whistles. It may take a while to learn all the new features and to make this site look the way I want. I’ll try to keep it simple and easy to navigate. If you have any tips or ideas drop me a note.

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